Where can I buy figure skates?

Where can we get figure skates?

Don’t worry we are here to help you out. First things first, figure skates are normally not your NZ shoe size. With A lot of figure skates you will need to order a size down, however not all figure skate brands are the same. If you are not able to try them on, the best way is to measure your heel to toe to ensure the correct size. If you are after a second hand pair of skates you can try

For buying new skates online

  • If you require new skates from a New Zealand supplier we recommend the Skaters Edge in Auckland who also have a website

  • The NZSale website quite often have ice figure skates (search under ice skates)

  • Amazon

What other gear will I need?

These items are all optional but we would recommend the following

  • Blade covers to protect the blades when you are walking around off the ice.

  • A small towel or microfibre cloth to dry your blades when you come off the ice. No one wants rusty blades.

  • Soakers - slippers for the blades of the skates, basically they are there to keep the blades dry and stop them from going rusty when not in use.

  • If you are new to skating, the likelihood of falling can be a common occurrence so protective gear is recommended, such as padded shorts, elbow and knee pads and a helmet (you can get these from places like The Warehouse, Kmart or online at the Skaters edge, Amazon etc).

  • Gloves - you don’t need special gloves however grip gloves are good.